Q: Tell us about the cage in the cargo area.  

A: The cage is full from the top to the bottom of the van and secured to the flooring. The construction of the cage is built in-house at Nor Cal. Our ownership holds patents in manufacturing so we take pride in what we build.  

Q: How do you access the cargo area of the van?

A: There is entry access in the rear of the van as well as side entry points. Each of them is lockable, securing the cage and the product. 

Q: Can you control cargo area temperature?

A: Air conditioning is added to keep an optimal temperature for the product you’re carrying.

Q: What are the features that keep the product and cash secure?

A: The B-pillar partition is securing driver and passenger from any cargo keeping the safety and security intact. Cash can be placed in the drop safe, which is only accessible by combination.

Q: Is there a way to monitor the outside of the van?

A: What we found is business owners who are carrying products want to monitor the van and have a system intact in order to do this. A four-camera DVR set up allows you to watch and keep a close eye on your products. It’s also going to view the cargo area and cockpit area (what we like to call the front part of the van where the drivers and passengers are).

Q: What is the current demand for secure transport?

A: The demand for secure transport is steady and consistent with each manufacturer.

Q: Which vehicles are more in demand?

A: We have seen an increase in demand for pre-owned vehicles that have been in the distribution chain already that owners want to add both cages or refrigeration to secure transport to that existing vehicle. So, we’re finding the trend is that we have to be ready to build on new and pre-owned vehicles for secure transport.

Q: Is there a future for secure transport? 

A: The overall volume for these vehicles in the future is impossible to measure. It’s not only an exciting time, it’s a revolutionary time in the sense that each state is opening up the channels for distribution and what we’re seeing as a trend is that it’s going to mean more conversions for us all over the United States, which we currently are already doing. And we’re going to be busier as time goes by to provide that safety, and security, and the consistency and the quality of what we build here to help these companies grow.

Q: Is secure transport a complicated van conversion?

A: Secure transport is simple. With our background, we as a company, the patents our owners hold for the manufacturing of fuel systems and our design team is on the cutting edge of what it is that our customers need for their secure transport.

Q: What brands can be converted to secure transport?

A: We build on any size Ford Transit or Sprinter van. Along with a RAM or Nissan van.

Q: What are the features of the refrigerated secure transport vans? 

A: This Ford Transit Connect has the Pluto by Volta Air and is constructed with the refrigeration insert allowing diamond plating for cargo to get in and out without damaging the insert. To meet the scope of the guidelines and how we interpret them, it has an electric refrigeration unit for optimal cooling inside the cargo space along with the insert to secure that cooling.

Q: What is the function of the secure transport double door?

A: The secure transport double door, which is a signature of Nor Cal Vans, will keep the optimal cooling on the inside of the unit along with the security and consistency of safety. The van doors will close behind it locking in the product for transport.

Q: What are some advantages of a larger van?

A: As we graduate upward in the size of the van, it allows you to carry more product inside. And it’s going to give you more room to get in and out of the vehicle. It’s going to have our signature diamond plate on the floor and on the sides. It has the insert to keep the cooling temperature optimal. We have the Volta Air Pluto and Pluto Plus to keep that cooling temperature at a low level for transportation.