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Catering Bakery Articles

Step Van
Step Van: Why It's Most Efficient for Deliveries
A step van can take your business to the next level--making it mobile! Popular choices for deliveries or food trucks, these vehicles offer large open boxes perfect for loading full of cargo or for setting up permanent equipment.
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Refrigerated Truck
Refrigerated Truck: Keeping it Cool
Refrigerated trucks come in various body lengths and wall materials with varying features. This diagram calls out some of the key features of a refrigerated truck including insulation and floor type. Other considerations include the refrigeration unit and fuel type. Liftgates and cargo control are invaluable for safety and productivity.
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cargo van
Cargo Van: Your Business Safely Stowed
Cargo vans are used by a wide array of companies for moving tools and equipment between jobsites or for making small-sized deliveries around town. The windowless sides are ideal for advertising, and these vans are highly customizable with bins and shelving in the cargo area.
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Bakery owner in front of delivery van
A Bakery Owner Speaks about the Pros and Cons of his Delivery Van
A Ford Transit van offers fuel efficiency and easy access for loading and delivering desserts and salads
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Unloading a refrigerated van
5 Things a Catering Business Should Think about when Purchasing a Work Vehicle
Whether catering a wedding or work events, any work vehicle you choose is more than just transportation. You rely on it to get you to house everything you need to pull off an event, from the food itself to set up equipment and cooking tools
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Baker moves bread
A Bakery Manager Discusses 2 Work Vans used for Deliveries
This bakery increases efficiency by using both large and small vans for different types of deliveries
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box truck
Box Trucks Basics: A Simple Guide
With a wide array of box truck models available, it is now more critical than ever to know exactly how this delivery machine is going to amp up your bottom line, allowing you to serve your customers faster, safer, and in a manner worthy of many positive reviews.
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