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Be Prepared for the Coming Electric Commercial Vehicle Revolution

Comvoy is your source for the future of the Electric Commercial Vehicle Industry

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Comvoy’s Electric Vehicle Pledge

When your business is considering electrification, trucks are just one piece of a complex puzzle. Battery-electric commercial vehicles require an entire electrical ecosystem for operation. And Comvoy is preparing to provide the information you need to transition your fleet and business to battery-electric.

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Latest Updates on Electric Vehicles for Small Businesses

How close are we to full-scale EV deployment? Let’s review what is happening in the industry and how it will affect you and your business.



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The West Coast Electric Highway is a network of charging stations along the I-5 corridor, which runs through California, Oregon, and Washington. In 2019, all three states drafted a study on adding charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles with several utilities. However, until the infrastructure is built out, electric vehicles will stick to their “return to base” model, where they never travel far from home or work without recharging.

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AltFuel LocatorFind Alternative Fueling Stations In The United States and Canada
By default, this tool displays only available, publicly accessible stations. You can use the advanced filters to expand your search. Find a station here.

What are Federal and State Incentives? 

You may qualify for as much as $7,500 in federal tax incentives for purchasing an all-electric commercial truck or van in 2020. The federal tax credit is a potential future tax saving. The amount of your tax savings will depend on your tax circumstances. Many states also offer additional rebates and incentives for electric vehicle customers — up to $2,500 in some instances.

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Why EVs Work for Commercial Companies

Class 8 electric trucks cost less to operate and maintain than their diesel counterparts. For example, a class 8 truck can go 250 miles on one charge while pulling 60k pounds of cargo without requiring almost any maintenance. As a result, McKinsey predicts that an average fleet’s total costs will be up to 25% lower with EVs compared to ICE vehicles in the same category by 2030.

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Gray E-Transit drivingHow to Use Electric Commercial Vehicles in Your Business

EVs for the Final Mile

An EV delivery fleet is most suited to businesses that perform last-mile deliveries within a fixed and limited radius, such as retail delivery, e-commerce home service businesses. So, as electric vehicles are gradually gaining popularity, it’s a worthy investment to begin planning now. And using AI can help accurately plan delivery routes and daily dispatches while driving lesser miles, which will also reduce costs for a business’s final mile visibility.

Want to know what’s going on in the battery-electric vehicle industry? Sign up for our Newsletter

Commercial Vehicle Business Summit

EVs have arrived in the commercial vehicle space. If you’re not already on-board, you should be. This free event was amazing, but if you weren't able to attend, don't worry —we've recorded the entire event, so you don't have to miss out on any of the valuable insights!